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Insurance companies need flexible, well-organized systems for information processing as they work with a great number of customers, deal with accountable documents that includes the ones for governmental entities, go regularly through check-outs. Thus, shared detail space is a requirement and that is where an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is likely to assist one’s business start thriving. The incorporation of a specialized application into one’s routine workflow will significantly transform the working procedures of the current departments uniting them and creating an assimilated business space.
Simplify claims management, streamline policy administration, and enhance operations with our comprehensive solutions for the insurance industry. Find out why more than a thousand of the world’s best-run insurance companies are relying on ICSC to help them improve performance and become more customer-centric.

The benefits of ICSC’s Odoo software for Insurance Industry

  • Client Database with contact information of customers and the services they have utilized sorted
  • Contract Accounting Management because of which all direct covering and recovering contracts are obtainable from one database and there are no issues in searching the essential one.
  • Purchasing Data Management that provides access to history of deals, description of present products and sales plans on each of them what enables control all sales procedures
  • Receivables and Credit Management that stores in one place the whole details concerning creditors and debtors, their contact data and history of cooperative engagement with the organization.
  • Contract Follow-up Management which comprises correct details on the way signed contracts are being fulfilled and whether some of them are put on hold or not.
  • Accounting Transaction Management which enables in improving transaction reporting by averting one’s specialists from collecting fragmented electronic documents and from the processing of time-consuming paper-work.
  • Billing Management that provides accurate control of financial accounting for clients and boost up the procedures of working out pricing models for insurance products.
  • Finance Management which streamlines financial planning and improves the level of finance data exactness thus support budgeting abilities of the insurance company
  • Cash Management with the incorporation of which one gets full control over its cash flow having at one’s disposal accurately analyzed and processed data on the transactions made.
  • Human Resource Management that provides HR-managers with a comprehensive set of tools which facilitate efficient personnel control covering attendance, bonuses and other necessary HR functions.