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Meet increasing industry uncertainty, complexity, and regulatory oversight head on – with ICSC software solutions for chemicals. Our technology can help you safely optimize asset performance, drive profitable order fulfillment, and gain greater return on product innovation. Plus, improve performance by continuously innovating and adapting your products and processes.

Maximize visibility and process efficiency across your organization – with our solutions for the chemicals industry. Designed for businesses large and small, these solutions can help you improve asset performance and utilization, profitably fulfill customer demand, secure new revenue streams, protect brand reputation, and more.

  • Synchronize manufacturing, supply chain, and business development
  • Balance supply and demand with integrated, flexible planning processes
  • Accelerate supply chain decisions with real-time operational reporting
  • Proactively and holistically manage environment, health, and safety compliance
  • Improve risk management with real-time visibility across processes and departments
  • Gain an edge with leading-edge analytics, mobile, and in-memory technologies